About us

The CDEprofessioanl ltd is a company based in London, and was born from the idea of some professionals with decades of experience in information technology, finance trade and marketing, …
Together they decided to channel their professionalism, their experiences, their individual skills in a single company, able, today, to offer the customer, all the tools, to make, business idea, successful.
The CDEprofessional ltd is not only advisory and it is also a very active in the field of economic and productive investments. In fact, also it operates in more ‘specific sectors, at the time, such as Finance and trade in goods under its own brands and their economic resources. An example of how to capitalize on the high professional experience gained over the years, as well as advice to customers, and also working on the front line with their companies their own brands and economic investment. In the near future the CDE professioanl ltd aims to expand its economic and trade offer and investing in other areas, always linked, the professionalism of the founders.